About Us

Welcome to the world of Wine and Wine products

In 2004 the very successful general auction house Fitz-Gerald Auctions Ltd., resolved to spin off a separate new venture called Fitz-Gerald Wine Ltd.  This company was specifically created to pioneer the auction technique for the sale of wine & wine products in New Zealand.

Since that time, Fitz-Gerald Wine have specialized in the marketing of wines sourced from all over the wine world.  Their auctions are conducted every two weeks and feature different selections to inject freshness and variety to the items presented for sale.

Fitz-Gerald Wine's expertise is such, that not only do their thousands of clients choose to buy wine in their auctions... many Accountants & Lawyers are now using them to realize the capital value of stock in the case of receiverships and liquidations or Estate settlement matters.  This segment of the wine auction business is becoming accepted as a valuable tool to assist in these situations and the range of services provided, allow for free valuations of stock, a comprehensive breakdown of the minimum and maximum returns expected in the current economic climate, plus free warehousing of all items pending their successful sale.  The only costs incurred are a pre-agreed commission rate plus the delivery of items to our Auckland bond store.

Wine is not the only thing that Fitz-Gerald Wine auction.  In fact their licence permits all alcoholic drinks to be sold including RTD's, beers, spirits, even soft drinks and all wine associated products.  Wine glassware, winemaking equipment etc., are all within Fitz-Gerald Wine's expertise and have been auctioned off successfully.