“We auction wine and arguably, we’re the best in the business;. We know our stuff. But long before we were certified auctioneers or expert wine assessors or whizzes at negotiating and settling secondary auctions, we were family.

My father started this business in the late 1960s, auctioning general goods. His mission was to send sellers and buyers away 100% happy and those strong values of care and loyalty remain at the heart of our company to this day. Honesty. Transparency. Hard work. A personal touch. This is how we operate.

Our focus is on auctioning fine, rare and collectable wines, aged spirits and vintage ports. Every month we host a new wine auction, each one breathing fresh selections and greater variety into our offerings.

We’re hands on, inspecting each bottle before auction and giving all the information you need. Such as cellaring conditions and critic’s wine scores, when they’re available. We’re known for specialising in Australian and New Zealand wines but our expertise spans the globe. We handle liquidations, deceased estates and winery clearances; we’ll help find birth year wines . Or any special gem you might be looking for.

We work hard for the interests of buyers and vendors, standing by everything we sell. Exactly like my father did.

Frances Fitzgerald - Director

Frances Fitzgerald - Director